Sun Peijiang

Column:The team serving foreign investors and merchant Time:2020-12-03

Lawyer Sun Peijiang, Partner,graduated from Beijing Normal University and engaged in school management and education for several years before he worked as a lawyer. Now he is one of the partners of Sunsum and the leader of the Commerce team.

He dealt with lots of legal business related to South Korean and now he is engaged as long term legal advisor by Korean Commercial Association of Yantai, Yantai South Korean school, LG Innotek(Yantai), SJM corporation, Yantai Branch of Industrial Bank of Korea, Yantai Branch of Qingdao International Bank, Rui Yuan Korea Electronics (Yantai) Company,etc. He provided excellent and effective legal services for the investment and business activities of South Korean merchants and was honored as “the Ambassador for friendship between China and South Korea “ by media.

He is proficient in Korean and be in charge of the legal business about South Korean in Sunsum Law Firm. He has rich experience in legal business on the enterprise investment and management,company law, contract law, labor law, international trade,etc.

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