Services we offer:
■ Assignments and transfers of state-owned land use rights
■ Land expropriation and compensation for demolition
■ Project bidding and tendering
■ Project negotiation
■ Assisting in reviews of project credit quality
■ Drafting and negotiation of construction project contracts
■ Management of survey, design, construction, supervision and mapping contracts
■ Reviews of and amendments to materials and equipment procurement contracts
■ Legal services relating to construction project warranties
■ Completion and acceptance of construction projects
■ Sale, lease and mortgaging of commercial housing
■ Reviews of pre-sale and sale advertisements for commercial housing
■ Property delivery
■ Establishment and selection of property management companies
■ Legal services relating to property management
■ Presenting legal opinions relating to project selection, development and sale
■ Attorney witnessing of and risk advice on the execution of contracts
■ Representing clients in mediation, litigation and arbitration
■ Legal training on real estate matters