Sunsum foreign professionals are composed of several lawyers who have experience in anti-dumping training scheme in the United States, The Lord Chancellors Training Scheme, and foreign-related civil and commercial litigation, arbitration and foreign investment legal services.

Many of them hold the Bar for representing litigation cases in Chinese courts of all levels. The professionals have represented many foreign clients' investment and related projects in China. Their professionalism and creativity in the structural design and operation of the projects have effectively safeguarded the clients' rights and interests.

■ Due diligence for the investment item
■ Draft of item application documents and feasibility study report
■ Attending relevant negotiations for the investment item
■Participate in the government verifying and approving procedures and prepare
relevant documents, speeding the procedure
■ Preparing the documents for the establishment of company
■ Offer legal services for daily operation of the company
■ Offer legal service for the reorganizing, dissolving and liquidating of the company
■ Other legal services involved.

Main Achievements of the team:
The team has offered legal services for its foreign customers investment item, such as:
Japan Honda Automobile Die item, YAZAK Auto Parts Accessory item, American GM Automobile item, CSX Port item, South Korea LG Mobile Phone item, etc.