Zhang chongwu

Column:The team serving foreign investors and merchant Time:2020-12-07

Lawyer Zhang chongwu ,Partner, graduated from Law Department of Yantai University in 1993 and achieved the bachelor degree at the same time. In 2000, he stepped into Dalian Maritime University for further study as a postgraduate in the International Law major and eventually achieved Master Degree of International Law. Before he began his career of lawyer, he at first had worked in Yantai Harbor Bureau for several years on the management of freight transport, or operation of the enterprise and the enterprise legal council. Now he is the partner of the Sunsum.

Since practicing as a lawyer, Lawyer Zhang chongwu acted as procurator on various kinds of significant cases such as the Sum Ship and west of England Ship owners Protection and Indemnity Association oil pollution dispute, the collision and pollution case between HANJIN GOTHENBURE ship and CHANGTONG ship ,the bill acceptance disputes of The Daegu Bank in South Korean, the international trade dispute of Yantai North Andre Juice Co. Ltd.,etc. Now he is engaged as long term legal advisor by DP World Yantai, Yantai Maritime Safety Administration, DSME SHANDONG CO., LTD, and other ship companies , insurance companies , freight transportation agencies. He has rich experience in foreign-related maritime and business fields.

He plays emphasis on jurisprudence as well as practice and he had released several articles on< Annual of China Maritime Law>,< China Shipping Gazette>,China Maritime Arbitration>.

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