Hao Yuyan

Column:The team serving foreign investors and merchant Time:2020-12-03

Lawyer Hao Yuyan, graduated from Ludong University in 2005 and obtained Bachelor degree, then she he stepped into Yantai University for further study as a postgraduate in the International Law major and eventually achieved Master Degree in 2011. In 2014,she got the chance to study MBA in America financed by government and achieved another master degree for MBA in 2015.Ms. Hao began her law expericece since 2006,who has accumulated profound theory and rich experience for both law and business administration during these 10 years. Now she is a returned talent with one year experience in USA and a master degree of MBA.


Ms. Hao has rich experience and good reputation as a legal counsel, serving many powerful governments and enterprises related to finance,real estate,foodstuff,medicine and machinery, especially good at providing legal service for foreign-owned enterprise and joint venture.Ms. Hao is also an expert of litigation related to civil and commercial cases, keeping a high level of efficiency and quality. With her knowledge of MBA, she is becoming an expert of non-litigation business like M&A, bankruptcy ,liquidation , securities, investment and migration.


Ms. Hao is good at those legal fields such as Legal counsel, Corporation Law, Foreign-related Litigation and Non-Litigation, M&A and Contract Law,foreign invested affairs. She can work with both Chinese and English.

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